Our Story

Rockets have enabled mankind to reach speeds and heights never thought possible leading to vast developments and advancements of space exploration. Rockets are responsible for successfully putting the first man on the moon, delivering payload and satellites into orbit and are currently the only vehicles capable of transporting humans and cargo into space and to other planets, in search of new life and answers, enabling our capability of one day colonizing other planets.

Enter Rocket One, an advertising, technology and data company built to offer advertisers the same success in digital marketing that rocketry afforded space exploration. Rocket One uses human and artificial intelligence to buy media, manage and deliver smart online advertising campaigns for businesses of all sizes, brands, ad agencies and ad networks. We empower advertisers to diligently and successfully explore the unknowns of the digital media landscape, gain new learnings and perspectives, enabling them to create a breakthrough user experience and influential connection with their audience.

Headquartered in Beverly Hills California, Rocket One was founded in 2015 by Tedy Fugel with the vision of providing an alternative to the traditional online advertising companies by offering a much better managed, more informative and cost effective digital media buying experience.

Rocket One’s data driven and intelligent digital media buying strategies enable advertisers to effortlessly, effectively and efficiently reach, engage and influence their target audience, locally or nationally, building actionable data points across computers, mobile devices such as smartphones/tablet and Smart TVs. 

To date, Rocket One has successfully activated thousands of intelligent digital advertising campaigns across multiple-screens that have collectively served billions of impressions, aiding in driving our clients’ business innovation forward.

Additionally, Rocket One owns and operates Programmatic101.net, our industrys’ biggest, most compreshensive and user friendly programmatic advertising learning platform. So if you’re looking for honest, straightforward and insightful advice for your next digital advertsing campaign, talk to us, we’re the industrys’ educational leader! 


  • Rocket one has become an instrumental partner in our mobile strategy. They perform, bottomline.
    Andy Deharo | Director, Partner Development & Strategy
  • We've tested many digital activation platforms in recent years but with Rocket One, they are easily in our top three most well rounded digital buying partners we've worked with yet.
    Nikki Glass | Director, Media Operations
  • Proactive and detailed oriented. They always perform. Hands down one of the best activation platforms I've been buying media from.
    Jessica Lau | Senior Media Planner
  • Rocket One is our goto mobile performance and reach partner. They are super knowledgeable and super responsive. A delightful ad tech company to work with!
    Andrew Smith | Director of Media